“You’ve ch0ped me twice; I won’t leave your room in the event that you don’t pay me” – Woman

A viral video via web-based entertainment has to do with a lady who is declining to leave a man’s ghetto in the wake of laying down with her without pay.

The occurrence occurred in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital.

The couple is accepted to be addicts who have been ch0ping love in their ‘own yard’ for quite a long time.

In the video, the nak3d lady is demanding that her man has laid down with her, in this manner she will take money of at the very least Ghc20 before she spruces up and leaves the ghetto.

The man after seeing individuals around his ghetto anyway denied laying down with her darling.

In their contention the man says:

“I haven’t laid down with you so for what reason would it be advisable for me to give you cash”?

Lady: “You have laid down with me, this is the subsequent time you’ve chOped me. I won’t leave this spot on the off chance that you don’t give me cash.”

As indicated by the lady, the man has a ‘weighty burden’; she has experienced for the time being so it’s basically impossible that she will leave without taking cash.

“This man you’re seeing is blessed, he has truly eaten me, so it’s basically impossible that I will spruce up and leave his premises in the event that he doesn’t pay me. I won’t take Ghc10 aside from at least 20.” The assertion of the lady.



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