Two men imprisoned 65 years for looting and going after finance manager

Two men who denied a money manager of her sack and incurred cutlass wounds on her right hand in Cape Coast have been condemned to a sum of 65 years in jail by a Cape Coast circuit court.

The convicts, Daniel Bentum, a 33-year-old driver, who had previously served a 15-year jail term for a comparable offense, and Stephen Dadzie, also known as Rasta, a 23-year-old assistant, were given 45 years and 20 years, individually.

The court, directed by Mrs Dorinda Smith Arthur, viewed them to be entirelyblameworthy of the offenses of scheme to submit burglary, theft and hurting.

Three different assistants, Justice Nkrumah, otherwise known as Appiah, Joseph Appiah, also known as Shakiki, and Nana Amoah are, in any case, on the run.

The appointed authority, in conveying her decision, said she considered the actual mischief to the casualty involving hostile weapons and the common pattern of burglary in the district.

Arraigning, Detective Chief Inspector John Asare Bediako said Bentum inhabited Amosima close to Cape Coast, Dadzie at Saltpond, while the complainant was an occupant of Pedu Africana in Cape Coast.

He said on May 28, 2020, around 2030 hours, the complainant was driving home from work during a deluge and on arriving at Pedu Africana Junction, around 30 meters from her home, she spotted Bentum remaining next to a taxi.

The complainant drove past the taxi and when she pulled up and got out of her vehicle, she was gone after by Bentum and Dadzie with a cutlass, cut her right hand and rushed with her sack containing her identification, National Health Insurance Card and an undefined measure of cash.

She was hurried to the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital by an observers and later revealed the case to the police when she was released.

Criminal investigator Chief Inspector Bediako let the court know that police insight later uncovered the taxi as a yellow and blue Mazda Demio with enrollment number WR 4719 – 12.

He said on June 18, 2020, Bentum and Dadzie with their assistants on the run, went to Saltpond for a comparative activity yet were captured and given over to the Regional Criminal Investigations Department in Cape Coast.

Bentum let the police know that he was shrunk by his accessories and later drove the police to their homes at Yamoransa and Moree however they were mysteriously absent.

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