Tension between Clara Chia and Gerard Pique: She asks for same treatment as Shakira

She complained to her new partner

Following their break-up, the press has put pressure on both Shakira and Gerard Pique to get some potential exclusive statements. Their divorce and the custody of their children is a topic that interests the media.

Yet, since the Barcelona centre-back’s relationship with Clara Chia Marti was revealed, the 23-year-old woman has also been in the spotlight.

Pique’s new partner has been spotted on different romantic trips where the couple have been pursued by the press and this has caused a strong argument between the two.

Clara Chia blamed the Barcelona star that he has not protected her from the paparazzi as he used to do with Shakira.

Pique and Clara were spotted recently in Paris, as well as walking in the streets of Barcelona, where they looked happy and smiling, holding hands.

A few days ago, they were also seen at the airport when they arrived in the Catalan capital from their trip to France. Following their return to Barcelona, the young woman complained to Pique for his behavior.

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