Abrantienews Sighted a post on social media on how AJ Pounds lamented on how Business Mogul Dr. Kwaku Oteng tried to lure her into bed. Akua GMB’s former bestie and trustee, AJ Poundz – Has dropped a series of bombshells during an explosive interview with Delay that has since caught massive attention on the internet.

According to the iconic media personality, Dr Kwaku Oteng made “several” romantic advances toward her but she declined all of them – And all of these happened while she was still married to Akua GMB.

Explaining further, AJ Poundz revealed that they travelled for work somewhere and Dr Kwaku Oteng asked her to sleep in the same room with him but she declined.

And that was not the first or last time such advances were made in relation to the lovey-dovey approach.

AJ Poundz who is no more of a friend of Akua GMB went ahead to accuse the beauty queen of destroying her own marriage because she invited all her friends into her matrimonial home.

AJ Poundz and Akua GMB were the best of friends some time ago, even somewhere last year, she confessed that she used to wear Akua GMB’s used clothes when they were friends.

According to her, life was really hard at the time and she could barely feed herself or buy her own clothes.

Speaking in an interview with Fiifi Pratt, AJ Poundz disclosed that she ending her friendship with Akua GMB has rather been a blessing in her life.

She noted that Akua cut her off as a friend after she had even insulted her mother.

Her only fault was that she posted a bikini photo of herself, Akua and other friends on Instagram which Akua didn’t like.

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