Muslim man causes stir he poses with wives and 19 kids on Eid

A Muslim man has proudly flaunted his big family, which is made up of three wives and 19 kids.

The photos have caused a stir on social media as many react to them considering the attire each member of the family wore and striking resemblances.

He shared the picture as part of the Eid-ul-Adha celebrations.

The faces of his three wives were covered as he ensured their identities were securely hidden.

According to his Facebook biography, the man, identified as Baba Lawal, is a teacher at Umar Bn Khattab College of Education Kaduna and a Secretary at Kaduna State Hisbah.

Baba Lawal’s children look alike although the age gaps are so small. Also, he was holding a six-month-old baby at the time he posed for the family photo.

And shared the same attire with the boys whereas her wives shared the same attire with the girls.

Check out the photos…

Polygamous marriage and making many babies are encouraged in Islam on the condition that the man has the wherewithal to take care of his wives and children.


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