Father commits suicide for being unable to pay daughter’s school fees

An unnamed man has reportedly committed suicide after succumbing to the pressure of life and the inability to provide for the welfare of his family.

The sad story, as shared by a tweep who is very close to the deceased, unravels how the frustrated man was unable to fulfil basic responsibilities like the payment of the school fees of his two daughters.

Unable to withstand his troubles, he decided to end his life abruptly, leaving his children behind.

But the shocking bit of the report is that the man’s wife has been paying the school fees in full all this while yet she still asked the school authorities to keep it a secret and continue taking money from him.

See the screenshot below of the report below

It appears the deceased was in dire financial need to sustain his family but refused to open up to anyone about his distress.

The tweeter used his friend’s predicament and the post as a medium to advise men to speak up when they need help.


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