Story of how a popular Tik Tok girl used her WASSCE fees to cater for and save her mad mother – Video

This story of how a popular Tik Tok girl saved her mother who went mad, with her exam fees will send shocking vibrations down your spine.

It takes only a few people to still go to any extent to see that their loved ones are in good shape regardless of the current situation.

If you have been active on tik tok, you would have seen videos of a lady with the handle @fav.franca (Favoured_Franca) and her mentally challenged mother.

In the viral videos, one could see that the lady, daily checks on her deranged mother showing great love and affection towards her.

We all know what mad people are capable of when you get close to them but @fav.franca (Favoured_Franca) ignores all the dangers and still gets close to her non-compos mentis mother and feed her as well as talk with her like a normal person.

Her videos gained massive viewership and recognition on the video-sharing app. Her followers praised her while others who didn’t share the same vision with her lambasted her for bringing her mother’s state on the internet for all to see.

Fast forward, something good has come out of the constant checking up et al. Granting an interview with Adom TV while narrating how she managed to bring her mother to normalcy, Franca said she used her WASSCE registration fees to cater for her.

Thus, she used the money to pay for the hospital and other bills all with the aim of helping to make the mother sane again at the expense of her education. That is an act of serious and uncommon bravery.


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