All The Judges Named in AG’s Report, Model of Cars Bought and How Much They Paid Out

Some 19 judges of Ghana’s superior courts have been cited by the Auditor-General in his 2021 report submitted to parliament for purchasing state vehicles through irregular processes.

The said regulation 158 provides that the Principal Spending Officer of a covered entity shall obtain the prior written approval of the Minister for the transfer, exchange, sale, donation, contribution-in-kind, trust, and any other disposal of any vehicles of the covered entity.

It further indicates that any such disposal, lease, and other action referred to in Sub-regulation 1 that is made without the written approval of the Minister, is void.
The A-G however indicated in his report that the vehicles were auctioned by the Service for GHC1,023,507.96.

Below is the list of judges and cars purchased from the least to the highest:

Name Car model Amount paid

H/L Thomas Ofedie Toyota Corolla Saloon GM 6826-13 GHC 7,509.00
H/L Justice Asmah K. Asiedu Toyota Corolla Saloon GN 4997-13 GHC 8,399.00
H/W Charles Y. Boateng Toyota Corolla Saloon GM 8311-13 GHC 9,090.00
Robert Cudjoe Toyota Corolla Saloon GM 9231-13 GHC 12,687.00
H/L Justice Jacob B. Boon Toyota Avensis GM 517-15 GHC 13,100.00

H/L Justice N. S. Gbadegbe Toyota Avalon Saloon GR 2777-14 GHC 27,570.90
H/L Justice Julius Ansah Toyota Avalon Saloon GT 2774-14 GHC 40,920.06
H/L Justice Yaw Appau Toyota Avalon saloon GT 2945-14 GHC 48,632.00
H/L Justice Yaw Appau Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (v8) GR 6590-17 GHC 56,606.00
H/L Justice F. G. Korbieh Toyota Land Cruiser GR 8132-17 GHC 57,975.00
H/L Justice E. K. Mensah Toyota Fortuner-SUV GT 30-18 GHC 59,000.00
H/L Justice Nathaniel Osam Toyota Fortuner SUV GT 49-18 GHC 60,445.00

H/L Justice N. S. Gbadegbe Toyota Land Cruiser GR 4158-17 GHC 67,047.00
H/L Justice Lawrence L Mensah Toyota Land Cruiser GR 1902-17 GHC 67,192.00
H/L Justice Julius Ansah Toyota Land Cruiser GR 4128-17 GHC 75,643.00
H/L Justice Jennifer A Tagoe Toyota Fortuner-SUV GT 75-18 GHC 87,887.00
H/L Barbara W. Acquah Toyota FortunerStation Wagon GN 57-18 GHC 92,914.00
H/L Elizabeth Ankumah Toyota Fortuner-SUV GT 39-18 107 GHC 107,271.00
H/L Justice N. C. Agbevor Toyota Land Cruiser GT 796-19 123 GHC 123,620.00


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