You And Your Appointees Are Brave But Lack Sense – Badu Kobi Launches Attack On Akufo-Addo Government

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, the leader of the Glorious Wave Church International, has accused the government of engaging in wastage due to its inability to properly plan for its projects.


Badu Kobi holds that government has shown courage with its attempt to implement certain interventions but the lack of plan has crippled the success of those projects.

Speaking on Power FM, Badu Kobi said that whereas the government’s bravery is admirable, the ‘lack of sense’ in the execution of its flagship programmes has led to profligacy in the public sector.

He cited for example that, in the implementation of the Free SHS program, the government failed to inculcate the recommendations of some key persons.

“This government has men of courage but they lack sense. They are very bold with their promises like Free SHS and others but they lack sense. For instance, you want to do Free SHS, have you thought about the plan. You just wake up and do something but with no plan.

“People are scared of telling them the truth but I will say it. They are courageous but they don’t have sense. They do things without planning so it’s affecting the country. They are wasting money.

“What plan do they have for the monies they borrowed. If you complain, they will say a pastor can’t comment on political issues. We (pastors) have to voice out on issues because the Bible requires us to do that,” he said.

Prophet Badu also touched on the National Cathedral project, revealing that the construction of the edifice has been a wish of President Akufo-Addo as far back as 2008, as quoted by

He, however, questioned the opaqueness around the project, questioning why the government failed to tell Ghanaians the funding source for the project.

“There is nothing wrong with building a Cathedral for God. I had a good relationship with the president’s family until recently. In 2008, he told a family member that he will build a cathedral for God should he win the elections. It has been in his heart but if you want to build a cathedral, you plan for it. If you want to build it yourself, do it. If you want the country to build it, say it,” he said.


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