Why Waste Millions Of Dollars Building A Cathedral When Hospitals Have No Beds And Amenities? – Kumchacha Asks Akufo-Addo

Controversial man of God, Prophet Kumchahca has expressed his displeasure with the government’s decision to invest millions of dollars into the contentious National Cathedral project on Onua TV.

The man of God, whom many thought should have supported the idea because of his religious affiliation to the project, firmly rejected and rubbished the rationale behind the project. According to Prophet Kumchacha, the money to build the supposed largest church could go into other sectors of the country which need urgent attention.

This large sum of money that we are going to use to build the National Cathedral, why don’t we use it to build more hospital units and fill them with beds. Why are we using it to build a National Cathedral?” Prophet Kumchacha asked Captain Smart. 

To further emphasise, he iterated, “As for me, Prophet Kumchacha, if I contribute to the National Cathedral, call me a monkey. I repeat, if my money goes into building the National Cathedral, I’m a monkey.”

Meanwhile, work on the National Cathedral has been halted for many months when the project’s contractor, RIBADE Company LTD, allegedly fired over 200 of its employees due to a shortage of cash.


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