We don’t play shows in their names – KiDi & Kuami Eugene’s lookalikes speak

KiDi & Kuami Eugene’s lookalikes have finally broken silence on the wild accusations that now host shows and perform at events in the names of their Lynx Entertainment signees.

Prior to this, Kuami Eugene had earlier issued a stern warning to these two guys to stop performing at concerts and shows in their names and brands.

He threatened to use them if it comes to his notice that once again that they parade themselves as him and KiDi.

The lookalike guys have finally addressed the issue during an interview with Dek360 and according to them, they have never performed in Kumai Eugene or KiDi’s name.

They claimed that they are forced to sing at events when the other attendees notice the striking resemblance they share with Kuami Eugene and KiDi

As professed by these guys, they have never performed in Kuami Eugene and KiD’s name it would be over their dead bodies to commit such a crime.

Are the guys telling the truth or lying just to escape being prosecuted? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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