UCC Sandwich: Certificate Collection Centres Released

The management of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) 3- Semester programme has yet again sent vital information across the country to students concerning the collection of academic certificates and date for their graduation.

Students of the newly introduced one-year top sandwich programme for in-service teachers holding diploma certificates, who have successfully passed all their school examinations, will be awarded post-diploma certificates in their respective programmes of study and a graduation ceremony held by the UCC for them shortly afterwards.

Although it is an undeniable fact that the graduation date for the first, second and third cohorts of the new programme have been unstable, it is likely that management will make room to award successful students their certificates latest my the end of the year. On the other hand, you will also admit that this programme is the first of its kind, thus marked with few challenges.

Schedule of the programme

According to information available to bricyboateng.com from a spendable source, successful students with no outstanding referrals and incomplete (IC) results will first be given their degree certificates before the graduation ceremony. The collection centres will be situated nearest to each student.

Graduation date

After the collection of the certificates proceeds the graduation ceremony for qualified graduands. But before the graduation, management will soon release the fee for the ceremony and venue for students.

Students with ICs

Affected students with results challenges on their students’ portal are advised to prompt their study centre coordinators for rectification.

Unpaid school fees

Students with outstanding academic fees are urged to settle their debts before the graduation date is released, since failure cannot guarantee your smooth graduation.

Centres for collection of certificates


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