Ramadan: Ibrahim Mahama dispatches food things to Muslims in Tamale, Kumasi and Accra

The Chief Executive Officer of Engineers and Planners, Ibrahim Mahama on Sunday dispatched trucks stacked with different food things to Tamale, Kumasi and portions of Greater Accra.

The things included 2400 packs of rice, 600 sacks of sugar, 200 containers of milk and 200 boxes of Lipton.

The food things will be dispersed to the Muslim people group in the three urban areas as a feature of the Business Mogul’s yearly custom of supporting the Muslim people group in the blessed month.

Fasting in Ramadan includes avoiding eating, drinking, smoking, and sexual relations from first light to dusk.

This year Ramadan started on April 3 and will end in a month time. Ramadan happens during the 10th month of the Islamic schedule.


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