Prince Andrew: sex addiction and continuous visits of women to Buckingham Palace revealed

Everything will be revealed in the upcoming documentary “Prince Andrew: Banished”

Everything will be revealed in the upcoming documentary “Prince Andrew: Banished”

A documentary released this Wednesday exposes Prince Andrew and his addiction to sex, in addition to the fact that he used Buckingham Palace to have his meetings with many women.

This is how Paul Page remembers it, who for six years worked as a royal protection officer and who witnessed the countless number of women who paraded in Buckingham Palace to visit Prince Andrew, who is friends with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and for what which received permission to retire from his public duties as Duke of York.

“We used to joke that he should have a revolving door in his bedroom. The number of women coming in and out of there, literally every other day someone came to see him…a different one each time,” Page said in the documentary “Prince Andrew: Banished,” which opens this Wednesday.

The documentary premieres this Wednesday

Women who visited the residence of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8, were free to access the place by order of the prince, who even got upset if the ladies were questioned or not allowed to enter quickly.

“‘Listen to me, you fat idiot. If you don’t let my guest in, I’m going down there,” the prince said to one of the officers when one of the women was not allowed access, who had to call the prince to tell him what had happened. was happening, hence the annoyance of the Duke of York.

And although some kind of respect would be expected for the position that Andrew held, he described him as a horrible person, in addition to the fact that in the same documentary he talks about his addiction to his sex. “He couldn’t keep his pants closed,” commented journalist Helen Kirwan-Taylor, while royal writer Phil Dampier acknowledged that the prince never smoked, took drugs or drank alcohol, “the only thing he likes is sex.

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