Man readies to marry another man after impregnating & dumping his girlfriend

A young American guy named Clarence – Has taken over social media trends after announcing his engagement with his male lover.

According to reports surrounding the whole brouhaha, Clarence has impregnated and dumped his immediate fiancee just a month after giving her the engagement ring.

The news about Clarence’s marriage to his new male lover named Kirk Scoot went viral after a grided picture of him and his girlfriend and that of his soon-to-be male partner landed on Facebook.

Netizens who still can’t believe this 1 in a million development have shared their opinions on the whole dumbfounding saga.

Clarence’s pregnant ex-girlfriend is yet to publicly speak about the betrayal and trauma she’s currently going through because she never expected such a shocking narrative.

Since love doesn’t discriminate and we can’t tell people who to live their love lives, it’s only fair we wish Clarence and Kirk the best life have to offer yet.

Check out some of the popular comments gathered under the pictures;×280&!5&btvi=5&fsb=1&xpc=S0VGz6Bw8q&p=https%3A//

 – You boyfriend nah another guy girlfriend

Peggy – Pendragon – Person wey him nya*sh big pass my own? ???? he don use aunty do surrogate

og____zamani – Another brother lost 

malikdeking – Sometimes your boyfriend side chick is actually a man not a girl 


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