Lebanese nationa who took steps to kill Ghanaian remanded

The man accepted to be a Lebanese, who supposedly took steps to kill a money manager during a warmed contention at Osu in Accra, has been put under the watchful eye of the court.

An assertion from the Police Service said the suspect, Osman Brustani, was summoned at an Accra Circuit Court and was consequently remanded to return under the watchful eye of the court on 22nd April, 2022.

He was captured on Wednesday thirteenth April 2022, regarding a viral video wherein he was caught compromising a casualty openly with a sword.

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Mr. Brustani was caught hollering at someone else accepted to be a retailer. Prior reports demonstrated that the suspect was enraged after he was gone up against for stopping before a shop for close to 60 minutes.

The retailer allegedly requested that the Lebanese park his vehicle at a suitable spot, however that didn’t agree with the last option.

Osman Brustani went for a blade from his vehicle, convincing the retailer to run into one more shop for wellbeing.

He was banished from going after the retailer by onlookers.

The casualty is at present getting mental help, as per the police.

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