If you make jokes about me, Osofo Kyiri Abosom will call you out for it.

If you make jokes about me, Osofo Kyiri Abosom will call you out for it.
Ghanaians have been talking a lot about Osofo Kyiri Abosom’s admission that he had an extramarital affair and divorced his wife.

The preacher on SayIt TV claimed that anyone who attacked and judged him were “foolish,” had a short lifespan, and might pass away in accidents or from unrecognized illnesses.’

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There are folks on social media who have done nothing but make dumb statements. Dumb folks. Look, if you do as I say, you will perish. Your life span is limited if you attempt to discuss matters that are related to me as well.

“What will happen to you will surprise you,” he added. “You will either die from accidents or a disease with a cure.”

He also said that because he has been keeping an eye on many people on social media, he would strike at the perfect time and deal with everyone after.

He didn’t say how he was going to accomplish this, whether by using force or by taking matters into his own hands.

“Do you believe it’s everyone we criticize? You keep acting in that way. I’m giving you a short peek. I wrote that song specifically for you. I, who? I’m from a faraway place and reside in a small town. I’m here because God wants to save people’s kids.

Anything you want to say is OK, so say it now. It is waiting for you, and I will attack when it is most advantageous. I’m watching a lot of people, and I’ll watch you later. I’ll take care of you all, he said.

Obosom Osofo Kyiri

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