I vanished after burning my old dress I gave to Okomfo – Woman recounts

Abena Pokuaa, a resident of  Manso-Mem in the Ashanti region, has recounted the circumstance that led to her disappearance after she retrieved her old cloth a fetish priest (Okomfo) collected.

Narrating her story on Oyerepa Afutuo, Monday, 5 September, Pokuaa disclosed that she went to a festish priest for help but later ended up in marriage.

“I am a trader and my monies were mysteriously missing every day. So a friend took me to a fetish priest. He asked me to bring my old cloth so I gave it to him. He later told me his gods have directed him to marry me.

I went to him to perform the ritual but I waited for him all day but he came around 8 PM. It was late so he asked me to sleep at his home. At dawn, he came knocking at my door and I opened it, we couldn’t control ourselves so we ended up having sex. I got pregnant as a result.” She narrated.

Pokuaa explained that she got out of the priest’s home after a preacher revealed to her the secret behind the old dress the priest had taken.

“One day, I met a preacher in a car; he gave me his number to call. When I visited him, he revealed the fetish priest had used my old cloth for juju in order to marry me. The man directed me to go for the dress from the priest’s shrine and burn it, so I did.

After burning the dress, I began to wash my dirty clothes belonging to the priest. All of a sudden I disappeared and woke up in the morning only to find myself in the midts of a crowd at a different town called Konyinase Nkran”. Pokua told MFK host of the show.


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