I have no intention to kill patients, it was content – Student nurse reacts

The nursing student seen in a viral Tiktok clip threatening to kill her patients after she graduates from school says she had no intention of carrying out the threat and was only participating in a viral trend on the social media platform.
She said she hopped on the trend by a popular Kenya Tiktoker by using her student nurse uniform to do two videos; one in English and another in Waala, one of the popular languages in the Upper West Region.

She said she used her uniform because it made her video stand out and deleted the video on the same day but it had already been downloaded by other Tiktokers.

“Those words were never from my heart and it’s not my intent to hurt anybody in future or now,” she said in a video published by TV3 Ghana on Facebook.

“It was a trend that I copied and I have regretted it. I want them to know that it’s never my intent and it is out of ignorance”.


Speaking a day after the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana (N&MC) released a statement condemning her comments, the nursing student apologised to the N&MC, her school authorities and the public.

She said she was currently facing the Disciplinary Committee of her school and had been summoned to appear before the N&MC for further investigations.

She said she considered harming herself following the public backlash but she was reassured by her school authorities.

Source: Graphic Online

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