I have created thousands of jobs – Dr. Daniel Mckorley

Following his recent statement on the sleeping attitudes of Ghanaian Youth which he said has led to poverty, Business magnate and Chief Executive Officer of the McDan Group of Companies, Dr. Daniel McKorley, has reacted to lots of questions and comments raised by social media users and the public at large.

In an interview with host Kafui Dey of the GTV Breakfast Show, Dr. McKorley stated that, as a businessman, he has created thousands of jobs for the Ghanaian youth to empower them.

His comment follows a question raised by a social media user asking what he [Dr. McKorley] had done about the lack of job opportunities for the youth in Ghana, following his “sleeping” statement, which was read to him during the interview.

According to Dr. McKorley, he came from a poor background and lived on the street, where he did lots of menial jobs to get to where he had reached in life. He said there are lots of talented and business-oriented Ghanaians in the country, but the problem is the lack of assistance and guidance to push these talented ones.

Dr. Mckorley further explained that his comment did not generalise the entire Ghanaian youth populace as lazy, but rather just a section of them who seem to be comfortable where they find themselves.

He added that the views and comments people make on social media encourage him to engage and interact with the youth more, touting himself as very interested in youth empowerment in Ghana.

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