Free SHS: Students Enjoying Free ShS to feed themselves.

Beneficiaries of the Free SHS policy would need to start feeding themselves as food shortages hit several senior high schools across the country.

According to the Conference of Heads of Assisted Schools (CHASS), students and parents might need to take up the responsibility of feeding g themselves should the government fail to supply food as soon as possible.

Due to non-payment of outstanding debt, the Buffer StockmCompany., the body that supplies food to senior high schools, is not in the position to carry on with the duty.

As a result, CHASS has released a cautionary statement alerting students, parents and stakeholders of the dangers of food shortage to thwarting the smooth running of the FREE SHS policy.

Excerpts of the statement read:

“If sufficient money and food is not received in the schools by Friday, 15th July 2022, we will be compelled to tell parents and guardians to either feed their wards or come for them since it will be impossible to continue feeding them with nothing,” 

“All sporting and cultural activities at the school, District, Regional and National levels are hereby suspended with immediate effect until further notice since there is no money to carry out these activities.

“We also consider it a health hazard to compel students to partake in these activities on hungry stomachs fearing that they may collapse during the activities.”

“All workshops and other activities which involve the payment of money should be suspended since it is becoming impossible for schools to pay for these activities.

“In fact, an assessment of the situation indicated that most schools cannot go beyond one week if nothing urgent is done about it.”

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