E-levy: Bridget cries after huge deduction from bank account, shares screenshot

Media personality Bridget Otoo has cried and complained bitterly following a huge deduction from her bank account as a result of the E-LEVY.

In a social media rant, the Metro TV presenter expressed shock at the amount that was deducted from her account when she make an online transaction with her bank app.

According to her, she has been ripped off. Bridget Otoo bemoaned how gargantuan the deduction was and how it affected her account balance.

She wrote never to transact online again since going to the bank in person was cost-effective. According to her, E-LEVY is regressive and would rather hamper the growth of the economy.

I paid 127.5 cedis for one transaction.Some transactions are better done at the bank. Fuel in the car would have taken me for more than a day. Lesson learnt. Definitely not using it again. #ELevyIsRegressive

Let Love Lead replied: You guys talk too much…banks don’t use holidays date for transactions….they configured the system to take date of the next available working day…

Ennomis Menz replied: A journalist or ndc propagandist?? Today is May 3, 2022 yet transaction date is tomorrow not even yesterday. Wey mo nyinaa kc ascre. Apuu.

Olyvia Dayana replied: I stopped withdrawing money from bank to wallet when I was deducted GHS3.75 for a transaction, that was the end of me doing a bank to wallet transaction. I only deposit from my wallet to the bank. Some of us are very sensitive to price, so this e-levy looks funny to me k?k?.

Nana Yaw wrote: I also paid 51gh cedis for 1 transaction,if 50gh fuel can do that for the whole day including other runs then we move. Lesson learnt!!


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