Aboafunu, I Will Reveal How You Make Your Money! Nana Agradaa Roasts Kwame Despite And Fadda Dickson..(VIDEO)

Nana Agradaa, who claims she has now given her life to Christ there we should now address her as Evangelist Mama Pat has kickstarted a bloody beef with Dr Osei Kwame Despite and his employees including Ola Michael.

In an audio recording that has been making the rounds on social media, Agradaa rained unprintable insults on Dr Osei Kwame Despite and on Ola Michael.

Nana Agradaa’s fury attack on Dr Osei Kwame Despite was influenced by an interview Ola Micheal granted on NEAT FM, where he blasted the now evangelist of God by changing her 419 scheme with the name of God.

According to disrespectful Nana Agradaa who has no shame, it was Dr Osei Kwame Despite and Fadda Dickson who had employed Ola Michael for him to tarnish her reputation so there part of it.

She claimed that Ola’s bosses are even not her class not talk of him as a worker behaving like that.

Nana Agradaa is somehow mentally unstable because why would she attack Despite just because Ola Micheal stepped on her toes.


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