Driver kills motorcyclist by crashing him after he stole his iPhone

Due to alleged road rage, a deadly accident occurred at the Kwabenya Musuku junction in the Dome-Kwabenya Constituency, Greater Accra Region.

The accident occurred at 8:00 PM, a witness who talked to Class News said.

According to the eyewitness, a driver of a Toyota Vitz with the license plate GX-3607-20 ran two young men on a motorcycle off the road.

The Vitz automobile flipped over and collided with a teak pole.

Not too far from the Vitz, the young men on the motorcycle also collided.

According to the witnesses, the deceased, who is thought to be 18 years old, and his companion stole the iPhone 13 from the Vitz driver as he was driving.

The motorist then pursued them and struck them.

The unidentified motor rider was found dead not too far from the accident location, and the driver was reportedly taken to the hospital while his companion fled the scene.

A group of shocked citizens and members of the Ghana Police Service also flocked to the site.


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