5 love languages and why you need to identify yours. 

5 love languages and why you need to identify yours.

While falling in love with someone is a wonderful experience, experiencing true, unconditional love with someone special is like breathing air for the soul.

At some time in their lives, everyone hopes to experience the wonderful emotion known as love and find a partner who will always make them smile.

Like anything else, love involves communication. And there are some languages that can only be understood and communicated with by these two lovers in order to forge a solid and wonderful union.

The five love languages are:

  • Acts of service
  • Gifts
  • Quality time
  • Words of affirmation
  • Physical touch
  • Acts of service.

One of the ways people express love is by rendering services to relieve the people they love hence they carry out certain duties that they know is a burden to their loved ones, sometimes even without being asked.

Some of these could be helping with chores, assignments, project work or even running errands. This group of people also want to be shown love in this same way.

  • Gifts

Like the name suggests, some individuals express their love and concern by giving thoughtful gifts no matter how small and expects to be loved in this same way. “It doesn’t have to big but just the fact that you thought of me”, he mentioned.

  • Quality time

Most individuals love to spend undivided time with the people they love and they consider that as more intimate.

“Sometimes there’s a variation of that because some people, it’s not just the fact that you’re sitting with me we’re talking, but sometimes it’s recreational so come play golf with me or let’s watch a movie together that is still quality time”, the CEO shared.

  • Words of affirmation

For others, hearing sweet and encouraging words from the people they love is the best thing they could ever experience. That little compliment on how beautiful they look or mentioning how proud you are of them could go a very long way. This makes them feel very much appreciated and valued.

  • Physical touch

Physical touch seems to be the most dominant love language for many people especially the guys. According to Dr. Perby, this should not necessarily be sexual, it could just be the simplest non-sexual affection like a back rub, holding of hands or even putting the head on a lover’s shoulder.

Why you need to identify your love language?

Speaking on Prime Morning, Dr. Yaw Perby mentioned that knowing one’s love language is very paramount in every relationship, it makes loving more comfortable and easier. He mentioned that, in situations where the two individuals have different love languages, the focus should be on pleasing the other party instead of one being self-centered.

“Love is about sacrifice”, he said.

How to identify one’s love language

For individuals that do not know what exactly their love language is, they could achieve that either through;

  • Self-reflection

This entails analysing one’s own self and coming up with personal expectations on how they feel when certain acts are expressed to them.

  • Through feedback

The other way to identify one’s love language is through the feedback they get from others. Sometimes this could be achieved by asking people what they have observed about them and what they think could be their primary love language.

“The 5 love languages” is a book that was originally written by Gary Chapman and published in 1992 after he discovered through several counselling sessions that there was a particular pattern by which people expressed and felt to be loved.

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