Ayisha Modi: “I spent $37,000 on surgery and medicines to make my body beautiful.”

Ayisha Modi revealed that she spent more than GHS426,125 on her appearance.

The influencer and music investor Ayisha, who had a plus-sized body and underwent weight-loss surgery, claims that the whole cost of her newly acquired physique—which includes hospice care, medications, and her recuperation period—was between $35,000 and $37,000.

She estimated that the surgery had cost her between $35,000 and $37,000, including the airfare, the procedure, hospice care, post-operative medication, post-operative massage, vitamins, and other expenses.

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Ayisha Modi claimed in a video obtained by Graphic Showbiz that it took her six months to heal and that she will always need to take vitamin supplements.

Not only that, but she is also expected to eat only the amount of food her body actually requires at this time in order to maintain her new, lean physique.

With the startling amount she spent on the surgery, when asked if she had finally reached her ideal body, she responded without hesitation that she had and that she would make intentional efforts to maintain it.

Ayisha Modi was on January 29, 2023, installed Queen mother for Sowutuom (Sowutuom F333 Noya Manye/Diaspora Noya Manye) and her new status requires that she lives a decent lifestyle and rigorously adhere to the norms governing the chieftaincy title.

She explained in an interview with actor Kwaku Manu recently that she had resorted to end her social media feuds and bring honour to her stool.

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