Angela Okorie exposes colleagues: “Stop lying, you earned your houses by acting.”

Angela Okorie, a well-known Nollywood actress, has criticized young actresses in the film industry for leading false lifestyles.

In a video, the actress criticizes young actresses who flaunt their mansions in pricey estates and locales while claiming to have paid for them with proceeds from their playing jobs.

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The Nollywood actress claimed that the majority of these braggadocios by these young actresses were lies because there was no money in the film business to allow anyone to buy houses in the pricey areas.

She emphasized that the rest of these braggadocios by these young actresses are lies because no one can receive funding from the film industry to purchase mansions in posh neighborhoods.

Angela further chastised these young actresses, saying that the money from the movies had made them wealthy, and advised them to stop giving off such an idea.

She feels that it portrays the senior actresses as careless. The outspoken actress from Nigeria Known for having appeared in more than 100 movies between 2005 and 2015, she received the best City People Entertainment Awards for best supporting actress in that same year 2009-2014

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