Afia Schwar tackles woman who said her twin sons aren’t hers

Just three days ago, an elderly woman surfaced on the internet to call Afia Schwarzenegger about her motherhood to her twin sons, James and John Geiling Heerdegan.

According to this lady, the 22-year-old boys were not biologically born by the comedienne as she has always made Ghanaians believe.

The woman dropped the assertion after Afia shared a throwback photo of her holding her twins in her arms two weeks after they were born.

Well, Afia Schwar has finally broken silence on the trending report that her twin sons are not her biological children.

According to Afia Schwar, it’s only a fool who will believe the woman’s lies because she birthed John and James herself.

In this short video, Afia Schwar invited one of her twin sons’ to confirm if she’s truly their mother or not to which he stated in the affirmative YES!

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