You have security of residency, it’s not possible for anyone to contact you; give judgment in view of heart – Mahama to judges

Previous President John Dramani Mahama has told decided in Ghana not to give decisions in view of the longing of the political pioneer who designated them into office in the event that the decisions shouldn’t go that way.

Mr Mahama said the constitution has provided them with a security of residency consequently, they ought not be terrified of being eliminated by any political pioneer.

Talking at a gathering with the United States Chapter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) at the Bentley University on Sunday March 27, Mr Mahama said the NDC disapproves of the legal executive.

“We really do dislike the legal executive, I should say. I believe that it is vital for a few inner changes to occur there. It is fundamental for the Chief Justice or whoever is mindful to make a few changes.

“The vast majority of the administration foundations have been politicized. I give the case of the legal executive. It is just in Ghana that a Supreme Court will settle on a choice that a birth declaration isn’t verification of citizenship.

“There are numerous entertaining decisions that have been given. I recollect at one time, our colleague Professor Raymond Atuguba said that from an examination he had done, makes a decision about go to give their decisions for the ideological group or pioneer that delegated them.

“He was exposed to such a hurricane of outrage by the legal executive yet assuming you bring it down to what’s going on today, and you take a gander at it and see who designated who, you will observe that there was a trace of validity in the examination.

“The thing is, our constitution gives security of residency to judges. Whenever you have been delegated you can’t be taken out. For that reason we give security of residency so you will have the boldness regardless of who named you to give judgment as per your heart. That is the very thing our appointed authorities ought to do. They should ascend to the event.”

By Kelvin Owusu||Ghana

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