Yaw Dabo retracts his claim that those who watch lengthy movies are lazy.

After making the iconic statement that “lazy people watch movies for more than an hour,” Yaw Dabo received a lot of attention.

These remarks were made by the movie star to Saddick Adams during an interview.

The actor claimed that if someone watches movies for even an hour, they are being lazy.

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He emphasized discipline as one of the essential requirements for success in life, and spending more than an hour watching a movie that won’t change your life indicates a lack of discipline.

According to Yaw Dabo, since the modern society was centered on making money, it was not advisable for people to squander their time on unimportant activities.

Following this, Ghanaians flocked to the small actor and denounced him for saying such things.

They claim Dabo shouldn’t have said those things knowing full well that it’s the same route that got him famous and rich.

Without the movie, where would he be now? He has expressed regret to Ghanaians following a number of insults on the actor from the movies.

At the Kotoka International Airport, Achipalgo confronted Yaw Dabo and requested that the Kumawood actor apologize to Ghanaians for a statement he made.

Yaw Dabo’s remarks were deemed unacceptable by Archipalago in the TikTok video, who also urged him to assume responsibility for his actions.

He further emphasized how Dabo’s comments would harm his reputation as an actor.

Yaw Dabo expressed regret and recognized his error. He acknowledged that he was fallible and simply human.


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