Shocking: Meet The 22-Year-Old Lesbian Who Has Slept With Over 100 Women – WATCH VIDEO

A 22-year-old lady who identifies as a lesbian has disclosed that she has slept with over a hundred ladies and converted ‘some good girls into bad ones’.

Speaking with YouTuber, Arnold, on his Vibes on 5 show, the young lady disclosed that she is a sex addict who finds sexual pleasure in her fellow woman.

According to her, it’s rather unfortunate that she isn’t blessed with money otherwise she wouldn’t use men for anything.

“Right now if I have money I won’t use a man for anything. Because of money, I will sleep with men because I need it. Right now if I have my money I won’t use a man for anything.

“I am addicted to sex, lesbian sex. I have slept with plenty of women. I have slept with up to 100 women and I have also had sex with multiple women at a time. Some of the women are not willing to date. They just come and go,” she said.

She also disclosed that she doesn’t stay in one neighbourhood for more than two years

“I don’t stay in one place for a long time. If I stay in one place for two years I won’t stay there again. I don’t like area girls and I have done about 100 girls. It’s nice oo. If you try it you will enjoy it,” she added.


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