Royal insider: Prince Harry had an attack of nerves before informing the Queen of 2019 bombshell

Meghan Markle was intending to attack the media in a 2019 lawsuit

The relationship between Prince Harry and the rest of the Royal Family has soured in recent years, mainly due to his relationship with wife Meghan Markle and their decision to attack the media in 2019.

Markle was planning to sue Associated Newspapers Limited over a breach of her privacy, with their connected papers having printed a letter she had penned to her estranged father.

The announcement of the lawsuit was set to be announced, however Harry needed to tell his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, ahead of time.

According to a new book released about the Royal Family, entitled ‘Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown’, Harry called the Queen to tell her.

“Prince Harry is looking nervous, as he is in a hotel in Malawi at the end of the first day of a three-day visit there as part of his and Meghan‘s 2019 tour of southern Africa and he’s got to tell the Queen that he and Meghan are about to detonate a bomb under what has, until then, been a very successful autumn tour, and he’s not looking forward to the prospect,” an extract from the book started.

“In two days’ time, Harry and Meghan will release an explosive announcement that Meghan is going to sue The Mail on Sunday over an article it published revealing the contents of a letter she wrote to her father.

Harry will also publish a statement of his own, in which he will condemn the media and accuse the tabloids of waging a ‘ruthless campaign’ against Meghan, vilifying her on an almost daily basis.

“The media’s behaviour, he will say, ‘destroys people and destroys lives’. But first, he has to make that phone call.

Harry often has an attack of the nerves before he has to speak to the Queen.

“So when he joined his team for a drink in the bar that Sunday evening, he sat there, so strung out and nervous that his private secretary, Sam Cohen, told him ‘You need to have a beer’.”

It was a matter of particular importance for Harry as he felt that his wife was being targeted and treated poorly, just like his late mother, Princess Diana, was.

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