Real Madrid tired of being used by Mbappe and Haaland

Haaland’s father’s statements have not gone down well at the club

Last week, it was Kylian Mbappe, twice. In the last few days it has been Erling Haaland‘s father.

Both have spoken about Real Madrid. The Frenchman once again opening a slammed door and the Norwegian speculated on the position of the club on his wish list regarding the possible destination of his son.

It is starting to become a recurring theme and certain sectors of Real Madrid are getting quite tired of it, starting with the directors, who do not consider it acceptable for these two players, and many others, to talk about the team to boost their own positions.

At least that’s how they see it at Valdebebas. These situations, alongside other players in recent months, have led those in charge at the club to think long and hard about any approach to the players’ famous entourages.

They do not want the Real Madrid name to be used, as it is being used by the footballers or by those who move around them.

It has happened with several players this summer, who have been suspicious in their bargaining. It is not something new and Real Madrid see them as players who are using them to make a profit in the future.

In the case of Haaland and Mbappe it has come as a surprise, but it has served to confirm the theory that it is best to forget about them as soon as possible.

The statement by Haaland’s father, once a professional football player with Manchester City, has served to confirm the existing trend that Real Madrid‘s need is for committed players who are at the service of the team and not their own. Stars to be made, not consecrated.

The firm commitment to young talent, regardless of the opportunities that the market may offer, brings with it projects in which sporting aspects, but also the personal aspect, take precedence. This trend continues to gain followers within the club.

In the case of Haaland, it comes from the visit made to Valdebebas by the player’s father and Mino Raiola. From that moment on, the club became part of the list of suitors.

The truth is that not all families publicise the visits, but as they have learned, these appearances have been reduced to a minimum.

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