Oti residents elated about discovery of iron ore in commercial quantities 

Some residents of the Oti Region are elated about the discovery of Iron Ore deposits in commercial quantities there, hoping it would change their economic situation for the better.

Scores of market women and students, who spoke to the Ghana News Agency, while on board the pontoon across the Oti River to Kete-Krachi, say they are happy because mining of the mineral will open-up the region.

The discovery would serve as a pull factor for investments, and in turn create job opportunities for the people, especially the teeming unemployed youth, they said.

Janet Asantewaa, who operates a chop bar at Kete-Krachi, expressed the hope that more people would patronise her food, who would troop to the region in search of jobs or establish business there.

Another resident, Kenneth Kumi, a Higher National Diploma graduate in Marketing, currently a pupil teacher, said: “My prayer is for the mining factory to start operating early so that some of us who have been sitting at home for years without jobs could get some meaningful employment.”

 “It shouldn’t be one of those on paper discoveries.”

Oti residents elated about discovery of iron ore in commercial quantities  
The Oti Regional Minister, Mr Joshua Makabu

The Oti Regional Minister, Mr Joshua Makabu, in October 2022 announced at a press conference in Accra, the discovery of Iron Ore in commercial quantities in the area.

 “What will take Ghana from its current state to an industrialised nation has been found in the Oti region,” he said, and advised the public to start looking for land in the enclave.

 The mineral was reported to have been discovered by the Ghana Integrated Iron Ore Development Corporation, in collaboration with the Geological Services Department in greater quantities in the Guan, Biakoye, Kadjebi, Jasikan and Krachi West and East districts.


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