Ntobronso: Landlord whose house was singed by military requests remuneration

Authorities from the Lands and Natural Resources Ministry have visited Ntobronso, where a few homes were burnt after the OPERATION HALT group had raged the local area to clip down on unlawful mining otherwise called galamsey.

The occurrence occurred on Wednesday, February 23 when the counter galamsey team drove by the military stretched out the activity to the Atwima Mponua District of the Ashanti Region.

The OPERATION HALT group has been focusing on backhoes and other earth-moving machines utilized by unlawful excavators, who have intensely contaminated the Offin River.

A house at Ntobronso was singed as the tactical group was blamed for intentionally focusing on individuals’ homes, a case they denied.

Notwithstanding, an examination was sent off into the occurrence.

A Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, George Mireku Duker along with some administration authorities has met casualties at Ntobronso, one month after the occurrence.

He guaranteed of government’s obligation to investigating the matter.

“I’m here on a reality tracking down mission,” he said. “I have seen it and I will give the criticism to the area serve for us to exhort the fitting quarters appropriately.”

On the issue of remuneration, he expressed “in the event that there is the best requirement for us to redress, we will do the pay and reconcile here”.

The landowner, Amos Gyamfi, demanded: “I need my property back, so there will be harmony at Ntobronso.”

By Kelvin Owusu Baffour|Sradio5.com|Ghana

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