NEWS IN:10 senior administration staff of the Ghana Textiles Printing Company (GTP)

otherwise called Tex Styles Ghana Limited were denied section into the organization’s premises Monday on grounds that, their arrangement had been renounced. 10 GTP ranking staff fired

The impacted people who were comprised of 3 Directors and seven (7) the executives individuals were given their excusal letters by the organization’s Managing Director minus any additional clarification. Their excusal comes scarcely fourteen days after certain laborers there arranged a show against the MD over unfortunate working circumstances.

The excusal of the 10 senior administration individuals shocked numerous specialists since there was no earlier correspondence from the Managing Director or any high ranking representative with that impact.

Their excusal comes at the scenery of a new exhibition against the organization’s MD Fatoumata Doro, who they blamed for running down the organization

Segments of the excusal letters that were actually given over to the senior administration and overseers of the organization by MD Fatoumata Doro read that, every one of the 2 months’ compensation in lieu of notice will be paid while that of gathered leave would likewise be paid in accordance with Labor regulation.

Joseph Anyimah Amosah, a creation director at GTP who was impacted by the organization’s activity, couldn’t comprehend the reason why the MD will unlawfully sack him following 35 years of die hard loyalty to the organization. He said despite the fact that he is prepared to look for lawful location, he will hang tight for the last decision from the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union of which he’s a part.

Administrator of the Senior Staff Union at the GTP, Rev Charles Quaynoo, who portrayed the activity taken by their Nigerien MD as absurd, said he believes both the Labor Commission and the ICU will act in light of a legitimate concern for the impacted specialists, since any lawful activity taken by those specialists, will cause destruction for the organization

In the interim, a gathering between the ICU, Labor Commission, and the executives of the GTP finished uncertainly. As indicated by sources, both the MD and some administration individuals told the Labor parties that, the activity taken against the impacted specialists was not because of last week’s showing but rather that of an inside disciplinary issue.

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