Man arrested for using ‘juju’ on a lady to sleep with her

A 33-year-elderly person is in the grasps of police after he was captured for utilizing dark enchantment otherwise known as juju to lay down with a woman.

Ibrahim Orona, an occupant of No. 35, Ago-oka, Idi-Oparun area in Abeokuta, Nigeria, has been accused of participating in direct that is probably going to prompt a break of harmony.
On Friday, July 15, he showed up under the watchful eye of a justice’s court in Abeokuta.

The source detailed that ASP Olakunle Shonibare, who addresses the arraignment, informed the court that the respondent perpetrated the wrongdoing on June 26 in the Abeokuta neighborhood of Ago-Ika.

He uncovered that Temilade Olabanji, Orona’s sweetheart of 23 years, and he had participated in sexual movement before Orona controlled a material (engage) to his confidential regions.

In the wake of engaging in sexual relations with the suspect, the casualty purportedly began woofing like a canine prior to passing out.

Olabanji was rushed to, a her, cultivator, prior to being shipped off the Ogun State General Hospital for fitting clinical consideration, as per Shonibare, who affirmed in the court managed by Mrs. O.M. Somefun.

The investigator stated that Orona’s activities abused Section 210(c) of the Ogun 2006 Criminal Law.

In the wake of hearing the particulars of the case, the court allowed the respondent bail in how much N500,000 with two guarantees in a similar sum.

One of the guarantees should be a relative of the litigant, and the guarantees should show confirmation of three expense installments to the Ogun government.

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