Kasoa: Human skull and feline head unearthed at chapel raised area

A human skull and feline head have been unearthed at the special stepped area of the Christ Charismatic Convention at Kasoa in the Central Region.

The General Overseer of the Church, Pastor Billy Sunday, told the host of Connect FM’s Omanbapa morning show, Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson, in a meeting that he leased the congregation premises from a landowner after it had been utilized by another congregation.

“A couple of months prior, I showed up at Kasoa and leased the property from a landowner who let me know the spot was at first being involved by another minister. Since the time I leased the spot, all my congregation individuals disappeared without a moment’s delay and I was unable to comprehend what the circumstance was, so I began asking about it,” he described.

As indicated by Pastor Dr. Billy Sunday, he had a dream that drove him to dig the congregation special stepped area.

“The old minister had previously developed a substantial podium so we chose to destroy it. As we were digging, we saw the skull of a youngster and the top of a feline. We asked and uncovered the skull.”

The minister showed that what they saw stunned the whole initiative of the congregation.

Minister Sunday is crediting the internment of the skull at the raised area to the waning enrollment of his congregation.

As per him, he, along with his chiefs, later supplicated over the uncovered skulls and consumed them.

“These are profound issues, the skull and feline head were abhorrent, all the more thus, there was life in them so we were unable to stand by however to consume them. Yet, I have informed the police about the issue and examinations have started,” he added.

Minister Billy Sunday adds that he is at present helping the police to capture the minister whom he suspects to have occupied with the demonstration

He prompted occultic individuals who are declaring to be godly men to cease from taking cover behind the Bible.

“There are such countless ministers in Ghana who are into otherworldliness and it isn’t helping crafted by God. We should meet up as a nation and uncover every one of them,” he finished up.


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