I’ve never betrayed my better half Brother Sammy

Ghanaian gospel performer, Brother Sammy has expressed that he has never betrayed his better half since the time they secured the bunch 11 years prior.

Sibling Sammy has been blamed by his better half, Mrs Perpetual Opoku of having passionate associations with different ladies since she encountered a few hard inconveniences in her last pregnancy.

In any case, the artist has exposed those cases expressing that he has never undermined her since they got married.

According to sammy, he isn’t prepared to lay down with his better half again in light of the fact that he’s frightened of getting her pregnant which could intensify different issues.
Talking in a meeting, Brother Sammy demanded that he has never betrayed his better half despite the fact that his significant other at times goes out of the country for 2-3yrs.

As per him, the enticements generally come yet he implores and diets to overcome all.

Nonetheless, individuals accept the craftsman’s marriage has fallen on the rocks because of swindling claims. Reports propose that there’s no trust between Brother Sammy and Mrs Perpetual Opoku due to everything individuals said to her and the charges she made against him.

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