Isaac Allotey – Dancing With Flavour and Favour To Fame

Isaac Allotey aka the ‘African Lion’ has proved that Dancing is not only art for pleasure or exercise, but it is a serious business.

Starting as a juvenile dancer with friends and joining groups to dance he never knew he could be famous until he grew up and traveled outside Ghana.

His talent and fantastic special skills in moving his body and taking majestic steps earned him the Ghana National Dance Champion in 2002, and he also won the Malta Guinness National Champion in 2005.

Through dance, he has been exposed to many things in life and experienced different cultures.

He has traveled to the USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, Benin, Cape Verde, and Togo.

According to Allotey, dance and music bring unity, togetherness, happiness, and exchange of ideas and cultures, and it heals the body and the brain; physically and spiritually.

Allotey has gained much knowledge and experience in dance and now offers his wisdom and skill to those who appreciate and wish to learn, he is available for any dance contract; for choreography, teaching and performance.

His exploits have rewarded him with a splendid career, making in truly relevant in the Tourism, Arts, and Culture space.

He has worked on a series of television programs, he was a main judge for the Bumper to Bumper 2021, an 8-week televised competition on TV Africa.

Allotey also choreographed the opening dance for Di Asa, an Atinka TV Reality Series and Competition featuring the dance talent of women.

He also worked on the Lawrence Otoo Dance Competition as a Judge.

He was invited to choreograph a special dance for the football gala opening ceremony at Hon. Lord Commey’s birthday party.

The African Lion has a huge heart and believes in giving back to society.

His philanthropic endeavors include Dancefrica, a US nonprofit organization that he co-founded and serves as a director.

Dancefrica’s mission is to invest in the future of Ghanaian children by providing financial and creative support to underserved, high-risk kids, so they may find success and prosper in their adulthood.

The nonprofit’s first big event is Save the Dance, a competition for kids under 17.

He is also a founding member of the Ghana Alliance of Dance Professionals.

He has been able to maintain his links and connections with his international students by providing online classes and workshops during the pandemic.

Isaac Allotey recently choreographed a dance piece for his students that was performed for a large dance festival in the US.

He is heading for a Summer world tour, the Unity Tour, a cultural and dance experience that will begin in the USA and culminate in a week-long festival and workshop in Hawaii.

The tour is his latest effort to bring people together in mind, body, and spirit, and to share love and respect for each other worldwide.

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