I’m unhappy in this ‘ungrateful lying world’ – Afia Schwar

Afia Schwarzenegger has got tears rolling down our cheeks with her sad admission of being unhappy in life.

The actress and comedienne has been in the tabloids for close to a month following her renewed feud with Delay and her recent ruffle with Chairman Wontumi and Lawyer Maurice Ampaw.

Amid her unprovoked attacks, Afia Schwar has invoked curses to clear her name against claims made by Mr. Ampaw that has slept with a dog.

She has since followed this up with a visit to the Nogokpo shrine to summon her detractors to the powerful gods to mediate in the ongoing matter.

According to Afia Schwar, she’s fighting all the people coming at her because they are making life unbearable for her.

She disclosed this while reacting to a comment from one of her followers who urged her to assess her actions and reflect whether her late father will be happy about what she’s doing.

“Please sit down and ask yourself that will your dad (may his soul rest in perfect peace) be happy wherever he is about what you are doing. Go down on your knees and tell God that this is what they are saying, please let the whole world know that I’m innocent and see what happens. Much love queen,” the fan wrote in reaction to a picture of Afia standing beside the signpost of the town Nogokpo.

Afia Schwarzenegger, however, responded by saying that the fan should rather ask her late father Augustine Agyei whether he’s happy he left her behind alone.

“Ask him if I’m happy he left me in this ungrateful lying world? Let’s end this on a good note,” she replied.

Yesterday, Afia shared a video of her walking barefooted in an a place believed to be the Nogokpo shrine. She was clad in a piece of cloth wrapped around her bust, leaving her upper body and sleeve uncovered.

She indicated that until her accusers provide “evidence of me sleeping with a dog” she would not rest and was resorting to Togbe Nogoko to settle the matter “once and for all”.

“For the fools who didn’t get the memo. I don’t play neither do I brag… This foolishness must end.. your opinion is my toilet so flush it!!!! Good evening.. still practicing proverbs 30:10 I’m a typical Ashanti woman… Except you have evidence of me sleeping with a dog… Togbe Nogoko is settling this once and for all… DONT TRY ME!!!!!!”


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