Help improve quality of life of older persons in Ghana – HelpAge Ghana

HelpAge Ghana, a Non-Governmenta Organization has called on government to help improve the quality of life of older persons in Ghana.

The Organization said older persons in the country face many challenges, including inadequate healthcare, income insecurity which sometimes culminate into poverty, deprivation, and discrimination.

These have impacted negatively on the quality of their life.

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HelpAge Ghana said the country seem to be more fixated to offering them hand-outs instead of tackling the root causes of these challenges.

In a statement to mark Older Persons Day, HelpAge Ghana is worried that many promises have been made over the years by the political leaders in their manifestoes and speeches but unfortunately majority of these have turned out to utter deceit for votes at elections.

The Organization cited the Aged Bill, a zero draft which was completed in 2016, and taken through sectorial and national consultations in 2018, including one with the relevant Select Committees of the previous Parliament but its gathering dirt on the shelves.

It said the country cannot continue to regard older persons as recipients of hand-outs self-acclaimed benefactors.

HelpAge Ghana is therefore reminding government that the population is aging at a relatively faster rate and the challenges with older persons require urgent and adequate attention.


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