Ghana Police ranked the most corrupt institution in Ghana – Full List

The Ghana Police Service has been positioned as the most bad organization in Ghana.

As per an overview by Ghana’s Statistician, the Ghana Police Service lead the diagram of public organizations that really do accept hush money and participate in degenerate demonstrations.

As per the Ghana Integrity of Public Services Survey (GIPSS), Ghana lost around GHS5 billion in real money in 2021 because of the installment of pay-offs to public authorities.

The primary public review, named “Debasement in Ghana – People’s Experiences and Views,” additionally uncovered that over 17.4 million pay-offs were paid during a similar time span.

It accumulated proof put together data with respect to the kinds of debasement influencing Ghana’s populace from 15,000 families the nation over, affecting individuals matured 18 and up.

Beside cash installments, which represented 84.8 percent of all pay-offs paid, 13.3 percent were food and beverages; 9.7 percent were traded for different administrations; 5% were assets, and 2.2 percent were creatures.

Pay-offs were paid by 33.6% of residents to facilitate strategies; 15.8% as a badge of appreciation; 13.8% to try not to pay a fine; 10.8% to keep away from issues; and 3.1% to stay away from the dropping of public utilities.

As per the study results, the Ghana Police Service is the most paid off organization.

Other most paid off establishments as highlighted in the overview are:

Ghana Immigration Service
Ghana Revenue Authority – Customs Officers
Lands Commission
Driver and Licensing Authority (GRA)
Identification Agency officials
Chosen government authorities

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