Galamsey Activities Very Embarrassing – Reggie Rockstone

Rap god Reggie Rockstone has shared his opinion on the ongoing illegal mining in Ghana known as Galamsey.

One of the most talked about topic in Ghana is illegal mining and how it has affected the water bodies in most part of Ghana.

Recenty. a galamsey kingpin who is a Chinese identified as Aisha Huange was arrested for her illegal mining activities in the Ashante Region of Ghana.

It was reported that Aisha Huang was said to have been deported from the country in December 2018 and was presented before the court on Monday, September 5, 2022. She was re-arrested and now standing trial at the Accra High court.

Speaking about the illegal minning, Reggie Rockstone stated that there needs to be some sacrifices due to the extent at which the activities have destroyed the water bodies.

“Looking at what’s happening to the environment so some sacrifices have to be made. I feel for the people whose livelihood depend on it. It is something rather embarrassing”, he lamented.

“I don’t have all the answers but I think there is something really wrong. First of all we need to raise the level of patriotism, we need t love our country more to understand that what is going on is not the best”.

He however noted that, the blame can’t be shifted to a single government. “Per where we are now. We must put a stop to it, because it will not go well with us. Lets stop it a see the way forward”, he said.


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