Ebubu and Tsatsii are now the Head of House for the #BBTitans, making them formally royalty.

Ebubu & Tsatsii (Royals) won the privilege and responsibility of the Head of House (HoH) challenge, demonstrating that they are at ease as a pair and prepared to take charge of the game in what feels like something so improbable that it nearly had to be staged.

Jenni O & Mmeli (Jenne Li), Juicy J & Olivia (Juiovla), Blue Aiva & Kanaga Jnr (Kaniva), Khosi & Miracle OP (Khosicle), Nana & Thabang (Thabana), Nelisa & Yemi Cregx (Yelisa), and Justin and Yvonne are among those nominated for eviction this Sunday (Juvone).

The housemates had three difficult rounds to earn the HoH badge of honor for yesterday night’s HoH challenge.

A very upset Yvonne was disqualified for breaking one of the rules after several rounds of this week’s task, which involved tossing balls at a Velcro target board. As a result, she and Justin were declared this week’s Tails.

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The Royals competed against Marvin & Yaya (Maya) in the final round after the second round, which required one partner from each of the remaining couples to use their fingers to flip three cups until one of them landed in an upright or upside-down position.

Ebubu & Tsatsii’s quickness and accuracy ultimately came out on top.

The Royals utilized their veto power to repay a favor and spare Blaqboi & Ipeleng (Blaqleng) from a potential eviction while making a name for themselves in the game by removing them and replacing them with Juvone. Following their victory in week 2’s HoH competition, Blaqleng used their veto power to save Royals.

Which combination will emerge as the clear favorites of the audience, and who will prevent the other from winning $100,000? Vote and watch Sunday’s episode of Big Brother Titans to find out what happens next.


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