Diana Who Was Cursed By His Heartbroken Boyfriend Finally Dies

Diana is a 34-year-old lady who went to Oyerepa Afutuo hosted by Auntie Naa to plead with her baby daddy, Twumasi has passed away.

7 years ago, Twumasi helped his then-partner Diana to travel abroad for a house help job that paid $300 a month. However, problems started when Twumasi questioned her salary.

Diana didn’t disclose her income which led to a heated argument. She finally called it a quit and told Twumasi that she cannot continue with the relationship.

Sad, Twumasi cursed her, saying that “she will suffer”. Diana fell sick and despite getting treatment from doctors, she started to believe that her illness was a result of Twumasi’s curse.When she got back to Ghana, Diana tried to harmonize with Twumasi and seek his compassion, but he refused to listen to her.

The condition worsened when Diana’s health started to worsen, and she was hospitalized. Sadly, Diana lost the battle for her life and died.


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