Dear Sarkodie, lung cancer kills; Stop smoking – Fan pleads 

When photos of Sarkodie smoking popped up, the Ghanaian rapper vehemently refused to accept his new social life. He explained it away, saying it was used as a prop for his photoshoot. A year later, Sarkodie has come out to admit his appetite for cigars, flaunting it openly. 

Sarkodie’s photos of him smoking cigars caused outrage last year, where many thought he was setting a bad example for the youth. 

In response, he explained that cigars were usually used to depict wealth and success. And that was his intention for using them to crown his achievements in the music industry. 
Even The Ghana Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) asked Sarkodie to apologise for making smoking cigars attractive, but he refused.

Recently, the rapper has come out to refute his earlier explanation with a confession about his new lifestyle in an interview with Firestick. 

Sarkodie said: “I never thought I would be smoking cigars, but look at me now, I smoke.”

Unfortunately, some Sarknatives find it hard to accept their idol’s new lifestyle after new pictures show Sarkodie smoking in public. Many have cautioned him about the dangers of smoking. 

A fan on Facebook used this opportunity to address the rapper: “Dear Sarkodie, I like you, I love you too. Smoking to show off today will cause you tomorrow. You will get supporters today, but when you have LUNG CANCER, the people can’t help you. STOP IT. SMOKING IS NOT FUN. IT IS A KILLER. Regards!”

Dear Sarkodie, lung cancer kills; Stop smoking - Fan pleads



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