Data is critical to driving development

African Indigenous Businesses are in the emerging stages of becoming data-driven and innovative through data analytics. The Director of Research at the Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa, CSEA, Dr Adedeji Adeniran has therefore entreated African governments, the private sector and development agencies to champion the implementation of policies and initiatives that can make data more open to businesses and organizations that need them.

A starting point for this to be fruitful, he said, is to create a common platform where experts from different countries can collaborate and access shared local data from public or government agencies, especially in the sub-region.

Speaking at a dissemination workshop on Data Governance in Africa, Dr Adedeji Adeniran called for public awareness on the value of data, which is key to driving development.

The only Sector that experienced growth during the Covid-19 era is Information Communication Technology, which is seen as having a lot of potential. The Sector experiences 200 percent growth every year. There is therefore the need to explore this area for the transformation of the Continent.

“One opportunity that we need to derive easily from is the African Continental Free Trade Area, AFCFTA and other processes around regional integration”….he stressed.

Professor of Information Systems at the University of Ghana Business school Richard Boateng is concerned about the lack of awareness regarding the value of Data.

According to him data is the driving force behind development and its judicious use will help propel growth.

“There is the need for the application of data to solve developmental problems”…Professor Boateng noted.

Head of Depreciation, Operations and management information, University of Ghana Business school, Professor Anthony Afful Dadzie demanded the ways and means of efficiency to be brought to bear in data collection. He stressed the importance of the storage of data.

According to him, we need infrastructure and a system to help store data for future use. The Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa (CSEA) is an independent non-profit think tank that conducts high-quality, evidence-based research to support African policy.

The Data Governance project is an African-specific endeavour that aims to support the drive for a regional data governance framework and promote digital development through research and advocacy.

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