Cabinet Retreat should bring respite to Ghanaians- Governance Analyst

There are high expectations as President Akufo-Addo meets with his Cabinet to take key decisions to put the economy back on track.

The Cabinet Retreat comes on the back of national economic challenges, especially the depreciation of the cedi, high inflation, and the government’s quest to secure an IMF bailout.

The meeting, which will end on Sunday, will be followed by a national broadcast by President Akufo-Addo on measures taken to salvage the economy.

Speaking on Behind the News, Governance Analyst, Frederick Oduro, wants the retreat to bring some respite and hope to Ghanaians in the face of difficulties.

”No choice, that is what they need to do. it is the most expedient. Clearly, tell Ghanaians on how to overcome the issues. The President should give assurance on exactly how the economy will rebound,” he posited.

Mr. Oduro cautioned the Government against unnecessary expenditure going forward, especially with the upcoming World Cup.

While calling for a National Dialogue, which he says is imminent, Mr. Oduro stated that the Cabinet Retreat is, however, not enough to deal with the current situation.


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