Akufo-Addo Who Sold His Father’s Properties To Fund Campaign Now Stealing To Replace Them – Rhodaline Imoro

Rhodaline Imoro Ayarna, a former Vice-Chairperson of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), has advised Ghanaians to quit blaming Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for the country’s problems and resource mismanagement.

Imoro Ayarna, speaking on XYZ TV’s ‘Women on the Frontline’ show says the President had spent so much money on his campaigns before gaining power that he is now using the presidency to pay off those debts.

“I usually encourage people not to blame Nana Addo,” says the author. Since 1949, he has been paying off his obligations. What do you want him to do now that he has power, with the houses they’ve sold and the money they’ve spent?” she inquired in Twi.

Ghana’s economy is currently facing various economic hardships as prices of goods and services keep increasing by the day. The Ghana cedi also keeps depreciating against major trading currencies on the international market.

This has generated widespread conversations about government spending and the ‘misplaced’ priorities by the presidency.

Meanwhile, managers of the economy have noted measures are being put in place to ensure that the country bounces back to pre-pandemic levels.

Also speaking on Ghana’s politics, Imoro Ayarna stated that it has become more competitive than development driven as it was in the days of Kwame Nkrumah.

“It (politics) has become more competitive. Busia and my dad will meet and chat… they share jokes, but now it looks like there is a lot of hatred … a lot of people have bad faith, but it wasn’t like this in the past. You could visit each other; the Akufo-Addos were my sister’s friends; she went to school with them. It wasn’t so vindictive. It wasn’t so tight; everybody lived, and we all enjoyed each other’s company,” she said in Twi.

She however lamented how politics has become an easy venture for people to make money in Ghana.

“If I hear today that people are stealing money from the state, it does not move me because I have seen things greater than this… In those days, you made money before you went into politics; you didn’t go into politics to make money. My dad was in politics, but he left politics to go and make money, and he came back,” she added.


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